The World is a thing that always changes. For better or worse, it changes. Generations come into existence believing they can change it, new laws, new views, new ideas. These things change the world, but, there is one thing that doesn’t; the nature of the world itself.

Time pushes mountains, carves rivers and creates the world around us, but it itself doesn’t change. It moves forwards, relentlessly, unceasingly; everything that is or every will be is no more then soon to be dust in the eyes of the Cosmos.

But regardless of this, in this blink of existence that is you, what will you do? Will you change the world? Will you help create empires or will you help their down fall? Will you change the future for the better or worse. Or maybe you will do none of these things and rejoin The Oblivion, that so many of you have done before, only time will tell.

Age of Upheaval

Burning city