Gaea is one of seven celestial spheres in orbit around Infernum, the eternal sentinel and bringer of both life and destruction. Gaea has three moons, Titanus (Rustirith), Deiadus (Sardan), Anakyai (Ithil).

Before her is Marcess also known as Seed Bringer and The Forestess, is the celestial twin sister of Gaea and has an almost perfect opposing orbit of Gaea.

Marcess earned her names, because of her presence in the night sky serves as an indicator for spring. And also because of her green appearance and green hue radiating from her at her apex in the height of spring when plants grow the fastest.

After her is the celestial sphere Sphara also known as Silent Sentinel or Shield-bearer, she earned these names due to the many scars and crates upon her surface. Sphara is the older sister of Marcess and Gaea, watching over them since there birth. She is connected to Martial prowess and Vigilance, with a strong red hue that illuminates the night sky when present.

After the three sisters are the sons and brothers of Infernum. The first two after Sphara are Infernum’s two sons, Juuranus and Saeranum also known as the Sword-Brothers. They are black and white, Juuranus representing Valour and Saeranum Cruelty. They earn the name Sword-Brothers due to the fact they are always seen together and are inseparable.

And at the end of the system are Urasus and Platarus. Urasus is called the Wise One, while Platarus is called the Old One. Urasus is the younger brother of Infernum and is said to burn in his place when he is to die.

Platarus however is the older brother, it is believed that Platarus and Infernum were once in orbit around each other, in addition to their father Kranaturem. Platarus however killed Kranaturem when he wished to consume the Three Sisters, sealing his fate to float lifelessly at the end of the system for eternity.

Gaea and her sisters weren’t always in orbit around Infernum however.


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