House Rules

As we all know all systems have there flaws; so, these are the Homebrew elements for the campaign. And if you feel like an element is unbalanced, please feel free to give me a heads so we may discuss it and hopefully make a compromise.


There are completely new languages, I’ll tell you the languages you’ll know from your background and story. Also everyone knows two languages and you gain a bonus language equal to your Intelligence Modifier.

There are also four levels of language.

  • Vulgar
  • Illiterate
  • Fluent
  • Eloquent

You gain a +2 bonus to all Charisma based checks against creatures that speak the same dialect as you, and -2 penalty if your worst then them. This bonus or penalty is increased or decreased every level between.

Example; If you are a Eloquent speaker of High Elvish, and you are conversing with a Vulgar speaker, you gain a +6. But if the situation was in reverse you take a -6.

  • For more on Languages read here.

When speaking a regional language, you can speak and understand other regional speakers, but when you try to use a Charisma based check you roll twice and use the lowest result.

Culture Bonuses

You also gain bonuses due to your culture and where you come from. For the bonuses search here.


When you roll a 1 you can take 1 weapon damage to your weapon, or you can pass a Dexterity check to miss the target to save your weapon.


  • Simple- 0/2
  • Military- 0/3
  • Superior- 0/4
    Well made weapons have a +1 to wear.
    Masterwork weapons have a +2 to wear.

When you are struck with a critically hit (or are struck with a critically hit yourself) it deals one 1 wear to your Armour. When Armour or a Weapon reaches its max endurance it is destroyed. But can be repaired by a blacksmith.


  • Clothe- 0/1
  • Leather- 0/2
  • Hide- 0/3
  • Chainmail- 0/4
  • Scale- 0/5
  • Plate- 0/6
    Well made weapons have a +1 to wear.
    Masterwork weapons have a +2 to wear.

Healing, Wounds and Wounded

This section is being revised

When you are hit with an Attack you take a wound equal to the Damage from the Attack. To Heal the wound you need to exceed or equal the damage of the wound with a Heal check, after which you can perform first-aid on the character, healing with half your Heal check.

Magic heals damage as usually, unless stated otherwise.

The wound you take cannot heal until this is done, unless you use a healing spell, this will heal you but if it doesn’t heal all the damage done, it is still a wound and will either require another spell or first-aid. You can take Wounds equal to half your Constitution rounding down to the closest odd number, when you take wounds equal to or greater then your wound value, you are wounded.

When you are Wounded you move at half speed and you are Dazed.

Critical Hits and Countering

This section is being revised

You score critical hits against a target, when you hit 5 more then the target defence. You get a critical for every 5 you beat the defence.

When you miss the target by 5 and in melee or melee touch range, you can make a melee basic attack against the target. This attack, for all intents and purposes is considered an immediate reaction and an attack opportunity. At a -5 you (or the enemy) can make a Melee Basic attack against the target, at a -10 you (or the enemy) can use an At-Will power, at a -15 you (or the enemy) can use an Encounter power.

Damage and Weapons

This section is being revised


House Rules

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