Average Height: 5’6"-6’2"
Average Weight: 140–230 lbs.
Size: Medium
Speed: 30ft or 6 squares
Vision: Low-Light
Languages: Lingua Franca, a language associated with your culture and education
Average Lifespan: 200-300 years

History and Origins

During the time of Arkhosia, when the empire was at its highest. Humanity like every other race was under the protection and authority of the Draconic-Kin. But despite what many would have you believe the Dragons weren’t brutal, cruel or unjust, but were instead kind, just and benevolent.

However Humanity, like any race has its flaws. But Humanities flaw wasn’t Greed like the Dwarves or Arrogance like the Elves, it was something far greater and far-reaching; Control. Humans crave and pursue control in all forms, control of their environment, control of themselves and their future, but also control of others. And with control comes power, another flaw of Humanity.

After several Millennia under the Vigilant and Just eyes of the Draconic-Kin. Humanity sought more then what it had, it wanted more control, it wanted more power. At first they consult the Dragons, asking for more of a say.

The Dragons however knew that Humanity was flawed in this way, and was prone to misusing and abusing the power they had, and because of this the Dragons turned them down; telling them to remember their place. Not only for themselves, but for the sake of others.

The Power and Control hungry Humans then seeked out other means, their Old Gods had abandoned them after the Oracle Sophia liberated Humanity and showed them the way. The Daemons and the Daemonic deities were out of the question after they attempted to claim Humanity as their own, but were stopped by the Dragons of Arkhosia and the Oracle Taira.

Which then only left one race of beings left, The Devils of Baator. Humanity always had a connection to Devils, but the nature of this connection wasn’t known and still isn’t known. This was a drastic and unthinkable idea, but alas, it was their only one. All the Humans that wanted more then made what is referred as “The Blood Pact”, signing a contract of unknown terms to Asmodeus and his Lords.

And Thus, the Tiefling race was made. The Devils then had free control of Humanity, and slowly and gradually made them in their own image.


After the imminent self-destruction of Bael Turath, the Tieflings found themselves a scattered and desperate people. Most were hunted and killed, being blamed for the calamity that they unleashed upon the world. This event is referred to as “The Blood Hunt”, in which Elves, Humans, Dwarves and every race in-between hunted them down as retribution and in the belief that if they were purged, the Infernal hordes would disappear.

However not all Tieflings were hunted, some humans preached forgiveness and accepted them like any-other. These Tieflings found themselves among humans, while there was still disdain for them, they were safe.

And because of this animosity towards them, Tieflings have become use to the fact of not receiving help, even when it’s needed. They are lonely and reclusive, having no homeland they also became nomadic, moving from one place to next whenever they felt they breached the patience of the locals.

Most tieflings prefer to be adventurers and are rarely ever seen adventuring with their own kin due to the prejudices of other races (people are concerned when two or more of their kind travel together).

The Grand Republic of Výs



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