Average Height: 6’2˝–6’8˝
Average Weight: 220-320 lbs.
Size: Medium
Speed: 30ft or 6 squares
Vision: Normal
Languages: Common Draconic, Regional Draconic and languages associated with your background and education
Average Lifespan: 300-500 years

History and Origins

It isn’t known were the Dragonborn come from, let alone the Draconic race in general. It is believed that in the days of old Bahamut killed a chaotic primordial besieging Gaea, and in exchange allowed him create the Draconic race; similar to the Dwarfs.

But it is most commonly believed that the God Io just willed them into existence, just from his existence in the Cosmos.

The Draconic race use to span the world with the Empire of Arkhosia, but after the Betrayal of the Dragon Emperor Morn’Ragoth and with the starting of the Great Disorder, ending the Millennia spanning golden age. During the Great Disorder, the Empire fell apart despite the vast countless Legions; they couldn’t protect themselves from the Infernal Sun, it’s endless hordes and The Infernal Empire of Bael Turath smashing against the walls of their great cities.




The Dragonborn themselves hail from the region of Ferras on the continent of Dueama…….Need to do……….


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