Ferras is a region to the far South-West of Dueama, it is composed of wide deserts, semi-arid rocky hills, sub-tropical forests and dense mountain jungles.

The Provinces of Ferras are Strunmah in the East, Sendaar in the Centre, Vaknor in the West and Iejir’caesin to the East of Strunmah.

The Province of Vaknor lies to it’s West, it is characterised by the many river deltas of the rivers Yoweth, Kihlek, Ousch, Rerk and Svern. The rivers have annual flooding providing immense amounts of food, they however make the area unstable for builds and turn the landscape near the rivers into marshland, making travel through the area difficult. Further inland from the marshland is lush tropical rainforest, providing many exotic fruits, plants and good timber.

To the East of Vaknor is the province of Sendaar. Sendaar is characterised by rolling desert sand dunes, it has many oasis’s however making the areas around the oasis’s habitual and fertile for farming. It also has many desert dwelling animals like Ibex, Hyenas, Rabbits, Snakes and many more that feed on the sparse vegetation of the desert.

To the East of Vaknor is the province of Strunmah. Strunmah is characterised by semi-arid rocky hills, hard stone highlands and craggy valleys to the East, on the outskirts of the mountains. In the Highlands there is sufficient vegetation, rivers and trees to support the local inhabitants, this region is plentiful with rare ores and large deposits of silver. Further West of the Highlands are the wastes of Tonn’Joork, there is hard green and brown stone ground, little vegetation, with frequent shrubbery and small underground aquifers.


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